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Charm++ was developed at the University of Illinois over a period of 15 years. Its original vision of seeking an optimal division of labor between the parallel programmer and the programming system led to the development of an adaptive runtime system which automates resource management. Its constructs and capabilities were honed in the context of highly sophisticated, complex and dynamic applications, that have scaled to some of the largest supercomputers in the world. Now, these capabilities are available commercially from Charmworks, Inc.

Introduction to Charm++


July 14, 2017

7th JLESC Workshop

Charmworks CEO Laxmikant Kale and CTO Phil Miller will be presenting at the 7th JLESC Workshop (July 17–19, 2017) at the NCSA Building in Urbana, Illinois.
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Apr. 14, 2017

Charmworks sponsors 15th Annual Charm++ Workshop

The Parallel Programming Laboratory is holding its 15th annual Charm++ workshop on April 17th and 18th, with a half-day tutorial on April 19th. The workshop is broadly focused on adaptivity in highly scalable parallel computing. It also takes stock of recent results in adaptive runtime techniques in Charm++ and the collaborative interdisciplinary research projects developed using it.
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