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About Us

Charmworks provides scalable solutions that improve productivity in parallel programming. We license and support Charm++, a C++ based parallel programming system with an adaptive runtime, and supporting tools. Charm++ is used to develop highly scalable parallel applications with ease: developers can code on a single multicore laptop or workstation and continue with the same program to distributed memory machines. It has demonstrated excellent performance even on applications with shifting load patterns. Charm++ codes have scaled to over 500,000 cores. It supports automatic load balancing, and checkpoint/restart. We also provide HPC consulting and parallel programming services.

Our Staff

Sanjay Kale

Chief Executive Officer

Laxmikant "Sanjay" Kale is a founder of Charmworks. He is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a leading researcher in parallel computing internationally. He has been working in the broad area of parallel computing for over 30 years. Charm++ system was developed in his research group at the University over the past two decades, and honed in the context of application collaborations. He has successfully collaborated on developing many well-known parallel applications, including NAMD for BioPhysics and OpenAtom for Materials and Quantum Chemistry. Sanjay is a fellow of IEEE and a recipient of the prestigious Fernbach award, and a Gordon Bell award.

Phil Miller

Chief Technology Officer

Phil Miller graduated with his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Illinois in August 2016, focusing on synchronization-avoiding algorithms for HPC. He has been a core developer of the Charm++ system since 2009. He brings deep knowledge and experience in developer tools and low-level software components.

Eric Bohm

Senior Scientist

Eric Bohm leads development of the Charmworks version of CHARM++. He has worked with the Parallel Programming Laboratory on the CHARM++ Runtime system since 2003 to ensure that applications scaled up to hundreds of thousands of cores and met the research objectives of application scientist collaborators. His time in industry has provided him with a deep understanding of the necessity of providing quality software that meets the needs of the customers, and the skills to ensure that software development proceeds that way in a timely fashion. He combines his history of experience in industry, with a decade of experience in academic HPC, to guide development of CHARM++ at Charmworks in an industry oriented way.




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